Friday, January 16, 2015

Pitch Day Reflection

     The whole Pitch day was a great event. At the first site of our parents I could tell that William and I were getting excited and anxious to present to our parents what we have been working on every friday. I was feared to see what they would think a high school class is like these days. After presenting to our parents I got a lot more comfortable and realized that Pitch day was a peice of cake and it would be fun to share our idea with others, and get some great feedback from parents and staff.

     Pitch day was a lot more easy and fun than I thought it would be. William and I used the technique by switching andsharing  our script and split time talking, It really let some of the pressure off of me because it let me not have to talk all of the time. From this first time of truly presenting something I am passionate about I have come out with some good thoughts. I have learned that You should not be scared about such a easy thing, and that its easyer when you are talking about somthing you love. For William and I this 20 time has been a great project in showing what we love.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Researching my golfing passion

 I have learned a lot about golf from reasearching it. Even though this can be a very frustrating sport and gets into your nerves it always come back at you. And at times it can even help others, from entering into charity golf events and just donating money it helps others that are not as fortunate.  Golf to some people is more about a mental game than a physical one. Whatever you want think it is I just hope we can make and give back to others.

Learning the logistics to creating a sporting event

I have changed my passion to golf.

Hello,  we are students in High School. We are calling to talk about creating a golf tournament for a good cause. Do you have a minute to speak with me?

1. Who did you talk to, to create this event?

2. What do you need to make a charity event?

3. What things do you think you didn't have that would have made a better event?

4. What other knowledge do we need to know to create this event?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Finding My Way To Flying

Finding ways to fly will be a challenging goal becasue of having to do many things to get there. I would love to be able to go out with my dad or even fly by myself when I get older. One of my biggest goals would be to have my parents watch me flying my first solo plane ride when I get of age and get my license. My goals for English are to get Great grades which are above a 90 percent and make my Parents proud. Also I want to have good keystone grades so that I know I have been learning in the class time I have with LA. To perfect my actions I will contact and stay with my Dad in what I will be doing considering he is living the life and doing what he loves to do. some things I might ask him would be what were some good things you have overcome, some things you are having problems with, what you like about flying, and what he dislikes about what he does.

1: how fast do you have to be going to take off in a small prop plane? 

2. How much does a new paying pilot make?

3. How long are you away from home?

4.what good things come out of flying?

5. what is some bad outcomes of flying?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Passionate About Flying

        When I grow up I want to be a pilot. I love to do math and science and love to listen to all of my dads story's of  what he goes through when he goes to work every week. It is cool to hear him tell about the way him or his co-pilot saved the day once agian or how the plane had issues and could not go to the place they were designed to go. My goal is to be at the position he is in and get to fly as the captain of the plane and see the whole earth. Just like he is getting the chance to do.
        I am fascinated by flying becuase I love all the story's my dad has gotten to tell and we get to live a good life style because of it. Never having to worry about going to work at a last minute plan or even getting called in for a emergency. Also I want to be a pilot becuase I love to learn about the way something works and get to use that to my advantage. When I am bored I love to fly my flight simulator and get a better view of how to do some of the stuff that really happens in the flight deck of a plane. Even though the downside is I don't get to see my dad a lot it is still worth every minute of it and it is my dream too.